„Montenomaks C&L“ company has a state of the art distribution logistics center (DLC) in Montenegro with the latest WMS (warehouse-management –system) software.

Developed according to European partner's centers, DLC covers the area of 12.000 m2, including warehouse space of 3.000m2, which is equipped with modern pallet racking system (PAL RACK) with the capacity of 3.000 pallets and block system for storage of non-palletized goods.

Central warehouse has been registered as the Public customs warehouse in which all legally allowed activities related to goods are performed under the customs law: separation of goods for partial clearance and transit, sampling as required by the inspection authorities, as well as the storage of goods pending the final clearance.                

All operations can be done via desktop computer or through RF (radio frequency) terminals.  Application of this technologically advanced solution enables performing of the most complex operations in the fastest and best way with the minimum warehouse costs. The software solution implemented in such a way particularly  emphasizes ability to be fully integrated with the Client's information systems and ability to meet their most complex demands, tracking goods by various criteria – serial number, expiry date, date of production, etc.

In line with the clients business requests the most efficient solutions are offered for warehouse and logistics activities related to warehousing, commissioning, packaging, addressing, declaring goods, instruction and guarantee insertion, personalization of parcels (address details, preparation and printing of dispatch notes).

The transshipment is done at eight loading-unloading ramps and lift tables thus enabling fast and efficient receipt and dispatch of goods.