Pilot project with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro

 Our company has arranged cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Public Administration of Montenegro, in the delivery of public documents. Delivery will be made on the whole territory of Montenegro.

Through our courier service "Maksexpress" citizens will be submitted to the appropriate address:
Birth certificates
Certificates of the citizenship
Certificates of residence
Services are ordered electronically on www.dokumenta.me . It will be necessary to submit the address the document are to be delivered to when filling the ordering form.
"Maksexpress" offers the option of paying administrative fees for document issuance at the request of the client-citizen with the submission of documents.
Delivery time is 2 business days from the moment documents are taken over.
Citizens will settle administrative service fees and document delivery services upon delivery.
Price of document delivery services in Montenegro is 3,50 € per one delivery address.
* VAT (17%) is included in the price
By giving the order for delivery of documents, the client is obliged to pay delivery charges upon receipt of the documents, at the prices offered by Maksexpress.
For further information, please contact:
Call center
+382 69 10 10 50
+382 69 10 10 60
+382 77 200 000 
+382 77 200 002
or e-mail: